Mike Ruiz: The Future Gallery

Academy of Fine Arts Prague
U Akademie 4
Czech Republic

Mike Ruiz is an artist, curator, and co-founder of the Berlin-based project Future Gallery. He will share his experiences starting and growing a exhibition space in Berlin, discuss curatorial perspectives surrounding new media and Internet art and provide speculations for the future of art dissemination in an Internet-conscious world.
Future Gallery is an exhibition platform for fresh artistic positions ranging from works on paper to websites. The idea: to grow a gallery out of a temporary space with the aim of relocating it to a future gallery space. Out of immediacy the space was initiated in the living room of its founders Anne Betting and Michael Ruiz. Since its inception in February 2008, the space has hosted an ambitious program of exhibitions and events showcasing an exciting list of international artists. Through its unorthodox platform and exhibition program Future Gallery seeks to pose questions about the future of art presentation.

The Future Gallery