Přednáška a konzultace: Stefan Tiron, publicista, performer a nezavislý kurátor

Academy of Fine Arts
U Akademie 4
Czech Republic

08/04/2013, přednáška, DigiLab AVU Praha (aula), 18:00
09-10/04/2013, konzultace, DigiLab AVU Praha (aula), 11:00-5:00
08/04/2013 18:00
Stefan Tiron: Diskuze o para-akademismu jako o pozici "intimního zevnějšku" (Nicola Masciandaro)* / přednáška
Autor je publicista, performer a nezavislý kurátor.
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09-10/04/2013 11:00-5:00
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* Discussing the para-academic as a position of "intimate exteriority" (Nicola Masciandaro). Signing declarations of impartiality, detachment-engagement and the recent wave of nationalist cultural policies in Romania. The experience of corruption as putrescience, vital smearing, proximity and living in high density herds/swarms/mass gatherings. (definitions of detachment)
Stefan Tiron (born 1976)
@TironStefan writing about technoscience horror fables, putrescientia, lifedeath, dirt, rot, dark ecology, biology's past and present dogmas, agnotology, nonhuman and humanimal politics. Further writes about free knowledge & rip-off dynamics in Bucharest (for Springerin), the Bucharest megastructure (for Archis), survivalist dumpsterdiving for Otaku Magazine, Steampunk (Idea Art+Society), space tourism for Monochrom, the Beastly Revolution and other ape-pocalyptic visions for Critic Atac.
Curatorial practice:
In 2005 invites curators from different peer2peer subcultures to curate several events at the Galeria Nouă Bucharest (otaku, industrial/noise/distro, dark deviant art , horror buffs, gaming/LAN party/dc++). Between 2006-2011 he co-organized a series of sleep-over events about DIY Space Exploration, Cosmology, science fiction, sound art in local Natural History Museums, University classes and galleries. 2008-2011 co-curates with Claudiu Cobilanschi the ParadisGaraj Bucharest open space hosting various event such as: Zombie Goreshop, a Dikfagazine Romanian issue launch, a contemporary Fuck Book Tijuana Bible collection project, Sweat Lodge's facilities, a Turbo Chewing Gum swap, and several informal meetings with infamous people passing through Bucharest.
Performance/Cultural Hacking:
Undercover Fundraising for Romanian Presidential Candidature at dOCUMENTA 13 (with Ion Dumitrescu); Presidential Candidacy National Day at Afi Palace Bucharest, 2011; Selling of Surveillance Technology from the East to the West at Sigint, Köln (Germany), 2009; Brancusiologist at Gate of Kiss (colab with Manuel Pelmus and Brynjar Åbel Bandlien) CNDB/Bucharest; Preliminary report on the past and present use of psychotronic weapons of mass destruction in Romania (with Alexandra Croitoru), 2007.