České centrum Berlin: You´re Broken - When Your Heart is Not Open

České centrum Berlin
Wilhelmstraße 44

You're broken / When your heart's not open
Negative realism

Argišt Alaverdyan, Andrea Baštýřová, Julius von Bismarck, Radka Bodzevič Doubravová, Martin Böhm, Eva Fajčíková, Andreas Greiner, Matouš Háša, Filip Hauer, Michal Janiga, Artur Magrot, Phillip Kolychev, Eliška Konečná, Jan Kostohryz, Jiří Pitrmuc, Marek Šefrna, Filip Švehla
Curator Václav Janoščík
The exhibition is the result of several years collaboration between Leinemann-Stiftung für Bildung und Kunst and the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague. This is the second time of the competition for students and graduates of the Academy, which is joined by two German artists Andreas Greiner and Julius von Bismarck.
Despite the fact that the individual works were submitted by the applicants themselves and without a given assignment, the curator Václav Janoščík created a cohesive exhibition that combines a certain struggle with reality, capitalism and consumer culture. Individual artists, whether they work with image, sculpture, video, or installation, point to various social and cultural problems associated with today and our economic order.

Whether it is the idea of ​​destruction or the end of the world (Eva Fajčíková, Matouš Háša), the influence of technology and artificial intelligence (Artur Magrot, Filip Hauer), images of violence and its normalization (Philipp Kolychev), or social inequality (Julius von Bismarck) - young artists confront the acute problems of today's society. It is not at all a political or committed art, nor a search for a solution - it is much more about trying to face these problems with some strength, energy and sensitivity.

Accompanying programm:
23. 5. If I could melt your heart Mm, hmm; Art, pedagogy and world creation
Commentary visit of the exhibition with curator Václav Janoščík and discussion with Mohammad Salemy