Onde Day with Stephen Wright at AVU

Akademie výtvarných umění v Praze
Moderní galerie AVU + Aula
Czech Republic

Stephen Wright, AVU - DECEMBER 12th.
All mini-seminars are public and open for all

PART 1. / Composting
Morning mini-seminar in V. Kokolia studio
Location: Atelier grafika II; budova moderni¬ galerie, AVU.

PART 2. / Seeding
Afternoon mini-seminar
Location: new seminar room; budova moderni¬ galerie, AVU.

PART 3. / Harvesting
Lecture/public talk/mini-seminar
Location: lecture room 6 hlavni¬ budova, AVU.

Stephen Wright is an organic farmer, art writer and professor of the practice of theory at the European School of Visual Arts (France), where he co-directs the PhD-level research program Documents and Contemporary Art. (http://documentetartcontemporain.eesi.eu/en/) His writing has focused primarily on the politics of usership, particularly in contexts of collaborative, extradisciplinary practices with variable coefficients of art. In 2013, he published Toward a Lexicon of Usership, (https://museumarteutil.net/wp-content/uploads/2013/12/Toward-a-lexicon-of-usership.pdf) which in the light of the ongoing usological turn in the fields of art and epistemology, examined the conditions of possibility and use of practices which have deliberately withdrawn from the event horizon, necessitating a fundamental reconsideration and repurposing of the conceptual architecture and vocabulary inherited from modernity. In 2016 he shadow-curated Making Use at the Warsaw Museum of Contemporary Art. (http://makinguse.artmuseum.pl/en/) His current research, both written and farmed, focuses on the permacultural turn in creative practice, as art seeks to take root in ecosystems often far removed from the institutional market of the mainstream artworld, less concerned with its own specificity and more with envisaging new modes of compatibility. He lives on a collective farm in the Corrèze  https://fermeausauvage.com/

For questions and more information please contact:
Jesper Alvaer (773 451 006) <jalvaer@gmail.com>