Effemi-Nation: jak může Asijská generace Z bojovat proti nové studené válce estetiky: pozvánka na online workshop Keiko Sei

10:00 - 13:00

„Effemi-Nation: jak může Asijská generace Z bojovat proti nové studené válce estetiky“
Budeme zkoumat po jaké estetice mužů volá současná společnost a kultura. Nejprve se zaměříme na nedávné příklady z východní Asie a poté se budeme bavit o významu slova „zženštění“.

Workshop bude probíhat v angličtině online a je určen pro akademickou obec AVU - link k připojení obdržíte s předstihem do školního e-mailu.. 

“Effemi-Nation: how Asian Generation Z can man down to fight a new cold war of esthetics” 
In this workshop, we explore what kind of esthetics of men the contemporary society and culture are calling for, first by studying the recent examples from East Asia and then by exercising of ideas on what “effemination” means. 

Workshop will take place in English and is intended for the AVU academic community - you will receive a link to join in advance in your school email. 

Friday, 10th of December 2021
From 10:00 until 13:00


∎ KEIKO SEI is writer, curator and media activist. She ran an organization for independent video/video art in Japan and worked as a video curator before moving to Eastern Europe in 1988 to research media/independent media in Eastern Europe. There she worked with numerous independent media activists/journalists/artists that contributed to change in Eastern Europe. After the change in the region, she continued to work in the issue of independent media/media activism/media art in the former Yugoslavia in connection with the civil war, as well as wider region in Central Asia and Caucasus. With the request by Burmese activists, she moved to South East Asia to extend her work and research in the farther East. In Burma (Myanmar) she started film education and helped the launch of Wathann Film Festival, the first film festival in the reclusive state. Throughout the career she promotes creative activism through various research and artistic projects, writings, education and workshops.