The application of historical regional building stone in the preservation of monuments in Flanders

by Johan Grootaers (Building Historian - Restoration Expert, Belgium)

European stone in North America (1600-1900) and its legacy

by Joseph Hannibal (Cleveland Museum of Natural History, USA)

Natural stone value assessment: problems and possible solutions

by Tom Heldal (Geological Survey of Norway, Norway)

Stone resources for the management of cultural heritage in Scotland: a national perspective on global issues

by Ewan Hyslop (Historic Environment Scotland, Scotland, U.K.)

Knowledge and restoration of architectural and archaeological monuments: from historical sources to in situ/remote sensing technologies

Nicola Masini (CNR-IBAM and University of Basilicata, Italy)


For current version of the program of the conference see PDF file:

Program_Natural stone for cultural heritage_Prague_2017.pdf