Are you studying at another institution and want to join the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague for one semester?
The Academy of Fine Arts has an extensive student mobility agreements with universities across the globe, please see if you fit in one of those eligible criteria for applying:
1)      Erasmus/Non-Erasmus exchange students
An exchange student is a student from one of the partner institutions of the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague. The partner institution can be an Erasmus partner or a non-Erasmus partner. Students on an exchange programme usually come for a semester or one year. Please contact your institutional/department international coordinator for mobilities at your university to find out if there is a partner agreement.
2)      Free movers/visiting students
International students who are interested in studying at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague but are not from one of our partner institutes are considered 'free movers'. They do not need to cover tuition fee, however, they have to find a suitable scholarship or they are self-funding students.
Possible scholarships:
Admission requirements
                The mobility planned for First semester (October - January) has to be submitted before 01.05.
                The mobility planned for Second semester (February - May/June) has to be submitted before 01.12.
The application has to contain
1)      Selected studio/department for one semester (you can find the list of studios and leading artists: Please, if necessary find more information about the leading artist via internet research.  
2)      CV, Motivation Letter, Portfolio (Please attach the documents inside of the application)
3)      ID Photo (Please attach the photo, not blurred, good quality, just your face – one coloured background of light colour)
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The Master’s degree is accredited within the Fine Art Programme and offers the following disciplines: Painting/fine art, Sculpture/ fine art, Drawing and Printmaking, Intermedia Studies, New Media, Art Conservation–Paintings, Art Conservation–Sculptures, and Architecture.
Courses usually last six years, and four years in the caseof Architecture. Graduates receive a university diploma and the academic title MgA (Master of Arts).
In order to be accepted onto the Master’s Degree programme a candidate must exhibit creative talent, motivation, a general cultural awareness and the ability to develop their talent and reflect theoretically upon their creative work.
A candidate must have completed secondary education. They also have to pass an entry examination and be able to speak Czech.
In the case of Architecture an applicant must have completed a Bachelor’s Degree at a faculty of architecture.
In exceptional cases of outstanding talent it is possible to study at AVU without having completed a secondary education. However, in this case there is no right to an academic title upon completing the Master’s programme.


The Doctor’s Decree is accredited within the Fine Art Programme and offers the following disciplines: Fine Art, Architecture and Art Conservation.
Both the full-time and part-time doctoral programmes last three years. Successful students are awarded the title PhD.
In order to be accepted to study for a Doctorate an applicant must have a Master’s Degree in fine arts or a related field if the character of their project so demands, must be capable of working independently and attaining above-average results, and must also be capable of historical and theoretical reasoning. They submit a thesis to complete their course.
A doctorate at AVU comprises two parts: a practical part, i.e. a stu­dent’s own creative work, and a theoretical part, which gives a student the opportunity to display their original thinking. When submitting their project an applicant must set forth the topic to be studied and the links between the practical and theoretical parts.
Foreign applicants must submit officially authenticated diplomas.
Foreign students also sign a learning agreement, which they attach to their application form. This agreement must specify clearly which part of their programme will be studied in a foreign language. They must also give an undertaking to pay any expenses related to translations and interpretation themselves.


The Academy of Fine Arts organises two forms of short-term study trips, i.e. trips lasting one semester:
– exchange programmes supported by the EU as part of the Erasmus Programme. AVU has agreements with 26 twin art schools and universities in Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, The Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland.

– exchange programmes outside the EU on the basis of agreements with eleven other art schools in Australia, Brazil, France, Israel, New Zealand, Russia, South Korea, Taiwan and the USA. Support is available for these stays from the Development Programmes of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports. As part of this scheme, it is possible to travel abroad as a ‘free mover’, provided the student independently secures a scholarship with a school abroad and gains acceptance to become a student for a term.

About 25 students go abroad every year, and the Academy is able to take in roughly the same number of students annually. In order to be sent abroad and awarded a scholarship students from the 2nd through 5th year must submit a portfolio of their own work in both printed and electronic form, a cover letter, CV, a recommendation from the head of their atelier, certification that they have passed a language examination, and confirmation that they have duly met all their study duties.


The main purpose of the department is to teach theoretical subjects in accordance with the AVU curriculum. The department covers the entire school and is responsible for lectures and seminars given by members of KTDU and external lecturers. It coordinates the contents of seminars for 1st year students, oversees the curriculum for foreign students, and guarantees the state examination in the history of art for 5th year students. All credits and examinations in theoretical subjects are under the department’s control. The department assesses the validity of subjects which students have studied at other schools and holds a list of external examiners of dissertations and theses. It also organises excursions to sights and museums in the Czech Republic, to Documenta in Kassel, and to the Viennese Biennale.

The contact of the International Department and all information for foreign students are available at the address:

International Department
Contact person: Anna Hrabáková
International Department and LLP Erasmus co-ordinator
Academy of Fine Arts in Prague
U Akademie 4, 170 00 Praha 7, CZ
Tel.:  +420 778 761 298